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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I have too much on my plate!

Ever want to crawl into your closet, close the door, and hope no one ever finds you? That's what happens when you decide you're going to do everything, be everything, and fix everything all at once. Let me tell you, not going to happen.

Right now my bedroom furniture is piled in the center of the room while the paint on the walls dries. Half of my dresser is painted, half of a bedroom cabinet is painted and distressed. One garden bed is weeded. I can't see my strawberries under the dandelions. My peas are coming up, the onions have disappeared - I know I planted them. Of my 64 square foot boxes, 5 are planted with broccoli. The rest are apparently planted with weeds, which love the fresh soil I put in a couple weeks ago. I guess it's pretty good soil. I have a pile of wood flooring in my garage, which I'm supposed to install Memorial Day weekend. Guess what? That's the same weekend the garden is supposed to go in. AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE THE BEDS READY!

Kill me now.

Have I watered the yard yet this year? Nope. Not yet. It's been mowed 3 times - not by me, of course. But not watered, because that is my responsibility and it seems like too much work to go out there and turn the faucet on. And then there's the moving of the hoses, and the adjusting of the water flow...sigh. Have I harvested the asparagus I was so excited about? mean the asparagus TREES? That's what happens when you don't pick them early. So much for asparagus this year. Good thing it's on sale for .99 a lb. Of course, then I have to blanch them and vacuum seal them. More work.

When was the last time I cooked dinner? I honestly do not remember. My poor boyfriend is living on chips and fruit. I occasionally bring him a container of soup from the cafeteria at work. Otherwise, he's on his own. His clothes are clean, though. Laundry gets done. Priorities. It's okay if he starves to death, as long as his clothes are clean.

How does the saying go? "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get". Maybe I should make a sign for the kitchen.... I'll add it to the list.

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