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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

130 Shopping Days til Christmas

Whatever. Don't hate me because I'm more prepared than you.

I love Christmas. So even though it's August and I'm just now starting to harvest my garden and it's 100 plus degrees, I have Christmas in my heart. My lists of gift recipients have been made, orders have been placed, ideas have been written down and discussed with spouses. I'm on my way. I've decided upon and bought the supplies to make my co worker gifts. I have decided on the baked items that will go in this years gift baskets and know that I need to start my rum balls next month and the Swedish cookies in October. I haven't done rum balls since I accidentally used Bacardi 151 one year and got my vets office staff all liquored up. Along those lines I also need to start a batch of Badger salt curing for all the grill-guys and get a couple of batches of Lemoncello started no later than the end of October.

I've had the stocking gifts for the girls done since March. The guys are a little tougher. I have 1 or 2 stocking gifts for them. I have decided to go the route of the gift card for anything resembling a teenager, because I have realized that I am neither young nor hip, and I have no idea what kids like or what half of it even is. What's the difference between an IPOD and an M3P player?! How do you get the music on them? Blackberries, and IPads and WII's, oh my. They're getting giftcards.

I have mobile parents who do the fifth wheel, travel around the states thing. This leads to challenges in that whatever I get for them needs to be either small or disposable. Gift cards are ideal and my poor fathers usually end up with Cabelas cards every year. I feel bad - it's not very original, but they love them and then they can order whatever they need for hunting or fishing. Heaven forbid I should try to pick out an effective trout lure or the right brand of deer urine.

My favorite gifts are for the girls. I love homemade gifts. I love getting them and I love making them. My grandmother makes me pajama pants - I call them my Grammy-jammy's, which she loves. And I suspect she's making me a new apron this year. I suspect this because I bought a pattern I liked and sent it to her.... The younger girls wanted new scarfs, so I'm going to make them each a boa scarf this year which involves me learning to READ A PATTERN. Yay me! I'm going to add to my nonexistent crocheting skills. This is the year of the memory board. I have several of those going, in addition to rustic signs. I must have those done by September, as my dad will be passing through and I can pawn off everything on him to deliver to the folks back home. Saves on postage. Not to mention the pre-holiday nail biting while I wait for packages to be delivered intact and prior to Christmas Day.

All in all, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my guest room. To get you in the Christmas spirit, I have included a family Christmas story on the next post. Reminds us why we like to spend the holidays with our families.....

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