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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Thanksgiving Feast

I love Thanksgiving.

On what other occasion do you actually starve yourself all day and then intentionally wear your stretchiest pants so you can spend the evening wallowing in gluttony?

Best Holiday Ever!

Here's our bird before its encounter with the oven.

Here's Ramona cheating before dinner.

This is an extremely unflattering picture taken of me after dinner by a 9 year old. (I was dared to post this picture. I swear I don't leave my house looking like this. Usually.)

And since Ramona made me post that picture, I would like to post this one of her enjoying sparkling apple cider directly from the bottle.

We are such ladies.

And once again I bring you Anthony, 30 seconds before waking up and demanding pie.

Happy Thanksgiving! May your bird be moist, your stuffing savory, and your pies calorie-free!

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