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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to place an ad

I share with you the ad I placed to sell my camper. I placed this ad at 730am. By 3pm I had received 56 calls and emails and had my camper sold and hauled away within an hour of getting home from work. Feel free to modify to your specifications.

Divorce sale - He got the truck, I got the camper. Which cannot be towed by a sedan. Joke's on me, but my loss is your gain.

What I have is a beautiful Harvest gold and Avocado Green 1976, 18 foot Prowler. Very clean, lots of conveniences, lots of cupboard space, stove, oven, heater, plumbing and toilet all work very well. Fridge is a little temperamental. By temperamental I mean that, not possessing an engineering degree, I have not been able to get it to stay on for any length of time or figure out what's wrong. It may need to be replaced.

Have you outgrown the joys of sleeping on the cold ground with a rock in your back? Does your wife refuse to camp because of bugs/bears/tent peepers? Are you tired of wandering around in the dark with a flashlight at 3 in the morning to answer natures call? This is your dream come true!

Imagine not having to pack your gear every time you want to camp/hunt/fish - it's already waiting in your camper! Imagine eating something besides hot dogs on a stick - with a full kitchen you can have home cooked meals in the woods! Extend your camping/hunting season. Enjoy hours of entertainment watching your buddies huddle in their heatless tents during a freak snowstorm while you're elk hunting. The possibilities are endless.

Perhaps you have teenagers that are always threatening to move out - now you can accomodate their wishes! Move them into the camper, charge them rent, and teach them a life lesson. They'll thank you for it. Eventually. Also makes great mother in law quarters, or a convenient guest room for friends with annoying children that come to visit.

This dream on wheels can be yours for the low price of 800.00 o.b.o. All reasonable offers will be considered. Cash only. You will need at least a V6 to haul this badboy away. (Trust me, that's how we lost the 4 cylinder)


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  1. This is such a good ad! Thanks for sharing, Momma Karen