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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's for the birds

Birds suck.

Yes, I know I'm all "embrace the simple life" and "be gentler on the planet" and "try to live peacefully with nature". But that was before the birds pecked holes in all my cherries and ate the biggest strawberry whose ripening we were all anticipating with bated breath.

I went out to take a picture of the giant strawberry the other morning, and it was gone. Just gone. There was a stem and few hunks of strawberry innards. That's it. The instant the cherries started getting some color, they started to disappear. I had 17. Then 16. Maybe I just miscounted. Then there were 13. And two of those have......bird beak holes! Dang it! There's not enough wedding tulle in my house to save all the berry beds and the cherry tree.

I was fine with the robins eating the earthworms. I have plenty of worms and I don't use them to make jam. I was even good with planting sunflowers so the little finches and starlings would have some nice seeds to enjoy in the fall. After all, they provide their own form of entertainment. I am not as good with having owls and hawks dive bomb my chihuahua, but the planting of a couple of trees took care of that problem.

Blackbird, blackbird, baked in a pie........

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