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Monday, June 21, 2010

What really became of the garden list

Earlier this year, before spring had sprung, before the weeds began to grow, and before the wasps and earwigs woke up, I had a dream. I was going to have the biggest, bestest garden ever, by gosh. I got out my paper and pencil and ruler and I drew all kinds of little beds full of little squares with the names of all the happy little plants I was going to put in each square. I ordered seeds, bought dirt and trellis supplies, and read all kinds of gardening books. Anthony thought it was cute.

For the past month and a half I have spent most of my spare time weeding, planting, tilling, sweating and cussing. I go to the market every Saturday to pick up cheap new baby veggie plants, and they have lived on my kitchen counters while waiting for the beds to be ready and the weather to cooperate. We have to move trays of bedding plants from the sink in order to do the dishes. Now Anthony thinks I'm obsessed. Apparently it's not as cute when when you get potting soil as a side dish with dinner and the table centerpiece is a plastic bucket filled with trowels, twine and bug killer.

In any case, here's what really happened to the original plan.

Already established -

Asparagus - only 5 plants came back. The pug ate the tops of them. No asparagus.
Rhubarb - two harvests so far. All is well.
Strawberries - 2 beds producing and 20 more plants added.
Blackberries - died last year, apparently. Planted 3 new ones.
Raspberries - full production and added a second bed.
Mint - what mint? Oh, those dead things in the bucket. Right.
Chives - went to seed before they were harvested. Planted some more.
Cherries - see previous post about birds.
Grapes - Dead sticks in the ground
Mammoth Dill - Haven't seen any yet.

What's going in:

Red Romaine - didn't get around to it. Maybe in the fall.
European Mesclun, Green and Purple leaf lettuce - growing as we speak
Cabbage - I'll just buy it in the store
Spinach - Thought they were weeds.......


Lemon cucumber and pickling cucumbers are in.
No Strait 8's.

Sugar Snap Peas - trampled by the chihuahua
Telephone Peas - same demise.

Green Onions - cut the tops off the yellow onions. That works.
Red Onions - nope
Yellow onions - nearly got electrocuted planting them.
Leeks - who eats leeks anyways?
Garlic - harvest next year. If I ever get it planted this year...

Melons: I built them a trellis. We'll see if they get planted
Tigger Watermelon
Cream of Sascatchewan Watermelon
Sugar baby Watermelon - I actually bought the plants
Oranglo (Asian melon)
Charentais (french melon)

2 Romas
1 Cherry
3 San Marzanos

That became 5 San Marzanos, 1 cherry, no Romas. They are already putting out fruit and they aren't tall enough to reach their trellis yet. That can't be good.

Bell Peppers - 10 plants in. We like bell peppers!
Jalepenos - they're cheap at the store
Anaheims - probably wouldn't get around to eating them
Poblanos - couldn't find any
Italian Peppercinis - Apparently these only exist in jars.

Kentucky Wonder Green Beans - In!
Purple Podded Pole Beans - In!
Great Northern Beans - cheap at store
Anasazi Beans - pretty but I ran out of room
Pinto Beans - Anthony hates beans
Navy Beans - Anthony hates beans
Peruano Beans - Anthony hates Beans
Asparagus Beans - In!

Sweet dumpling squash - I really want to get these in. Anthony hates squash.
Sugar Pie pumpkins - Planted and ready to take over the side yard
Zuchinni - I put in two. One for me, one for the squash bugs.
Spaghetti Squash - really, how often do you eat spaghetti squash?

Misc Stuff:
Broccoli - must harvest immediately
Radishes - planted in the rain
Carrots - 2 types - misplaced 1 pkg of seeds. Planted the other one.
Potatoes - who has time?
Corn - Peaches and Cream - ha ha ha ha ha ha
Tomatillos (volunteer)- no volunteers.

Cilantro - the crispy little green ferny things taking up two squares
Basil - growing next to the tomatoes for convenience.
Oregano - I have the dried kind in a jar.
Parsley - no one garnishes their food at home.

Well, it could be worse. I would aim lower, but then I would have NO garden.

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