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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Does not follow directions well.

Got my new washing machine! Yay. Had it delivered - self reliance would have meant strapping it to my back and walking it 17 miles. I'm not that self reliant.

After it's installed, the man tells me not to open the lid once it's filling. Why? I ask. Apparently my machine automatically gauges the level of water needed for the clothes that are in it and if you open the lid, it thinks you've added more clothes and therefore need more water. Well, now I want to open the lid and see what's going on in there. Had he not said that, it wouldn't have occurred to me to open the lid.

Bluebeard, anyone? Pandora's box? Ring any bells?

Turns out, when you DO open the lid, it resets itself. I did it three times. (Nothing interesting was going on in there). My machine kept going and going. I finally called and asked how long it takes the machine to stop running. Doesn't seem very "energy efficient" to me..... "Did you open the lid?", the man asks. Noooooo. "Are you SURE you didn't open the lid?" Well, maybe I opened it a little. A couple of times. "Don't open the lid. It will stop when it finishes the new cycle you started the last time you opened it." Fine. Sigh.

On the plus side, I have switched over to an Energy Efficient model which will use less water and less electricity (if I don't open the lid), thereby saving the world and all of humanity.

I have done my part for the day.

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