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Friday, July 16, 2010


I can't grow carrots. Last year, I planted them with my tomatoes, because the book says "Carrots Love Tomatoes". Lots of tomatoes. No carrots. So this year I planted 3 different kinds of carrots in two different beds, one of which again, contains tomatoes. No carrots. Isn't that like not being able to grow zucchini? Who can't grow carrots? What kind of impediment is this?!

The strawberries are done. Good thing, too. I had to keep weeding the bed because my neighbor complained that he kept getting poked whenever he'd come over to poach berries out of my garden...... I'm nothing if not a good hostess.

I left for a weekend and all 5 heads of broccoli went to seed. At the same time. In two days. Pathetic. This is what it looked like before I left.

Lettuce - gone to seed. Barely got touched. Then I bought a bag of salad mix and Anthony tells me that he Looooves purple leaf lettuce. Really? We've had a whole barrel of purple leaf lettuce in the backyard for the last two months and nobody ate it. Admittedly, I'm equally at fault, for not picking it, but HAD I KNOWN.....

Sigh. On the plus side, I'm picking a pint of raspberries a day, easy. The tomatoes are setting fruit, the peas have pods, and the watermelon have finally decided to start growing.

I'm starting to think that if we had to live on what I can grow and what actually gets picked and processed before it goes to seed, we would probably starve to death. In fact, I am pretty sure of that. Maybe I should start stocking up on dried goods and canned foods, just in case it ever comes to that......

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