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Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy little accidents

So I'm doing laundry with my leaky washer and when the cycle finishes I see that the floor bin is overflowing with water. That can't be good. So I told Anthony I thought the washer had given up the ghost. He assured me that there was already water in the bin and that it was probably fine. He would just drain it.

The next day I get a call at work. Don't use the washer - it's dead. Sigh. Time to break down and get a new washer.

I LOVE Lowes. I normally love them anyways, because the guys that work there are really nice to women who don't have a clue what they're doing. They will ALWAYS explain stuff, walk you over to the items and tell you how to use them. And they never make you feel stupid. At least, that's been my experience. When you can have a serious discussion about reloading weedeater line with a guy or building upright garden beds while he cuts your PVC and he treats you like an equal - well, let's just say I walk out feeling a little manlier and lot more confident in my ability to not maim myself working on a project.

Anyways, the Lowes appliance man - bless his heart - made me a fine deal on a machine with a "dent" in it. Seriously, we had to SEARCH for the dent. We think we found a slight indentation on the back of the machine. Knocked almost 200.00 off the price. So I got a fancy machine for the same price as the machine I was going to buy. And THEN, it turns out that not only will they haul away my old machine for free (which is too bad. I'm sure my neighbors would have loved me turning the washing machine into a planter in the front yard), but EnergyStar gives you a 75.00 rebate when you turn in your old machine. AND, my electric company gives you a 50.00 credit for buying an EnergyStar machine. AND, in theory, my new machine should use less water and less electricity which should lower my bill.

Since they're delivering it on Saturday I was forced to clean and organize the laundry room (I don't want the delivery guys to see what a disaster it was in there. My mother would be ashamed.) While I was cleaning I found the wallpaper border I got years ago to put up in the laundry room. Well, no time like the present. I put up the wallpaper border, wiped down the walls, and threw away anything that a)looked like it had been there for over 5 years b) went to something I no longer owned c) might go with something I own but I don't know what, or d) was empty. The trash can was embarrassing. I found a plastic comforter bag and filled it with the spare dog bedding - amazing how nice it is when the blankets aren't landsliding off the shelf. Everything else went into cute baskets - cleaning items, towels for rags, laundry products, dog grooming basket. Did you know I had spare vacuum cleaner bags? I didn't.

Only thing left to do is pull out the dryer, check the hose condition (now's as good a time as any) and replace it if need be. I'll vacuum out the dryer hole and sweep and mop under the machines. My laundry room just got a mini remodel on the fly!

And it all happened because of an appliance disaster. Happy little accidents.

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