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Monday, July 26, 2010

I need more weekends

I get so much accomplished on the weekends. If only every day was a Saturday...

Since the bedroom remodel I've been overcome by the need to redo my entire house. Mentally, I can do this. Financially....well, let's just say that frugal is as frugal does. I don't know what that means, but whatever I do, I need to use the materials I have on hand and some creativity.

To that end, I did manage to redo the laundry room as previously mentioned using wallpaper border on hand and the extremely creative idea of actually cleaning and removing unused items. Cost was nothing. Unless you count the new washing machine, cost of which we do not wish to discuss.

This weekend I finished the weird little room that houses the laundry area, the door to the garage, the door to the master bedroom and the dining room. You can't really call it a room, but since you can see it, I guess I had to do something with it. I started by wiping down the doors with a damp cloth (white paint, not gray. Go figure) and replacing the knobs on the laundry doors. I had already painted it red and hung a long white shabby chic-ed mirror some time ago. So this weekend I refinished a milking stool I had picked up at a yard sale for 2.00. I used the same red paint I had leftover from the walls and topped it with the cream paint I used in my bedroom. I placed the stool under the mirror and then topped it with an apple picking basket filled with an assortment of silk flowers I had in my craft room and Voila! Instant decor. Well, not instant. It took a couple hours. As I was admiring the new area I turned on the light and the lightbulb promptly blew out. Since I just cleaned the closet, I happen to know I don't have a spare bulb, so that will have to be remedied this week.

I was on a roll and the next attached room was the dining room. I hung a lovely old window frame I've been meaning to hang for a couple weeks, found a table under piles of random stuff that are now piled in my Craft room that I won't get to for weeks, put a cloth on the newly discovered table and made a centerpiece using a breakfast serving tray that I loaded with different sized pillar candles and poured potpourri in to fill the empty spots (very girly). Then I employed the same creative technique of cleaning and went through approx 5 months of random mail that gets stacked on the hutch when I don't know what to do with it. Turns out, most of it can be thrown away. Who knew? After wiping up the dust under the mail (how does dust get UNDER mail?) I suddenly had a lovely dining hutch in which my china is delightfully displayed. Took down the curtains and ran them through the wash. And now I have a lovely fresh dining room! (that no one ever eats in)

Too bad it's attached to the kitchen.........

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